Composition & Production


  • Vitamin Connection (2020)
    WayForward Technologies
     Composer & Producer
  • Dodge Club Pocket (2017)
  • Dodge Club Party (2016)
    Nintendo Wii U (Party); Nintendo 3DS & iOS (Pocket)
    James Montagna
    Unique chiptune score for minimalist game by director James Montagna, with "HD" versions of several tracks serving as menu music for the mobile  & 3DS spinoff, Dodge Club Pocket.
  • Disney's Descendants (2015)
    Disney Channel x WayForward Technologies
    iOS, Android, Windows Phone

    Full score for mobile game based on Disney Channel's original Descendants movie.
  • Matchblox (2014)
    iOS & Android
    AEUS Technologies
    ▲ Composer
    Original theme for a light mobile puzzler from Philippine startup AEUS Technologies.
  • Bravoman: Binja Bash (2013)
    BANDAI NAMCO GAMES (ShiftyLook), Hiptic Games
    Original composition/score for mobile game based on ShiftyLook's flagship franchise.
  • Pop Pop Battle J (2012)
    PC/Art Installation Game
     Composer, Producer, & Audio Director
    Composer and Audio Lead for interactive whack-a-mole game with the ULTRANIMBUS creative collective that exhibited in IndieCade 2012. Full Soundtrack released in 2017 with updated original theme song.
  • Clyde vs the Maze (2011)
    Team Clyde

    Original, all-chiptune score of more than 20 tracks for a retro maze adventure-style indie game.
  • The Inferno (2009)
    iOS & Android
    Xpressed/Javaground Ltd
     Composer & Sound Designer
    Score & sfx for an original mobile puzzler based on Dante's Inferno.

Animation, Film & TV

  • Mao Mao, Heroes of Pure Heart (2019)
    As part of Mint Potion Studios
  • OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes (2018-2019)
  • Wonder Momo (2014)
    Ending Themes Colors and Picogram.
  • Bravoman (2014)
     Composer, Sound Design, & Final Mix

Personal Projects

  • Cats on Mars
    Composer/Songwriter, Lead Singer, & Producer
    Songwriter, founder, and lead singer in a Los Angeles electroacoustic studio project & live band, creating and performing indie electronica, chiptune, and space-rock. Active in the indie rock scene, playing at bars & clubs from 2011-2014; primarily studio-focused since 2016.

Recording Musician (Vocal, Marimba)


  • Wonder Momo: Typhoon Booster (2014)
    Mac OSX & NVIDIA Shield
    BANDAI NAMCO GAMES & WayForward Technologies
    Vocals & Lyrics, Composition
    Wrote original Japanese lyrics and sang on Jake Kaufman's Tatakae! ☆ Mecha Meccha Tirano! and SEXY Shinkseisen tracks for the Wonder Momo video game; the soundtrack also featured game-only remixes of my themes composed for the series.
  • Adventure Time: Hey Ice King! Why'd You Steal Our Garbage?!! (2012)
    Nintendo 3DS/DS
    WayForward Technologies
    Vocals, Beatboxing, Improvisation
    Vocalist on title and ending themes; also collaborated with the venerable Jake Kaufman to co-compose several improvised background tracks.

Animation, Film, & TV

  • Mao Mao, Heroes of Pure Heart (2019)
    "I Love You, Mao Mao"
    ▲ Background Vocals (Title Theme)
    As part of Mint Potion Studios

Album & Collaboration

  • Tenchi Souzou ~Hajimari no Nanokakan~
    天地創造 〜始まりの七日間〜
    AIKO OI, 2018
     Marimba / Vocals
    International collaboration; Marimba & Vocal recording for debut solo album of Japanese composer AIKO OI.
  • Small Window
    Mint Potion Productions, 2016
    Host & Presenter / Vocals
    Regular contributor to the weekly Small Window Twitch stream on Thursdays & host of recurring cooking segments Hot Doggin' & Treble Chef. Composed original song We Are Jake's Grill on-air and provided vocals on livestream for Come Connect, Fallin' Far Away, & Start Dancin', Stop Talkin' for the studio's Small Window EP.
  • When We Dream
    Attack the Music / 千Π, 2015
    Vocalist on original track When We Dream from producer 千Π, featured on Attack the Music's 2015 compilation Frequency Blitz 3.
  • The Impresario (2013)
    Jake Kaufman (virt) x OCRemix
    Provided vocals for an epic rock arrangement of Nobuo Uematsu's iconic opera scene from Final Fantasy 6, arranged & produced by Jake Kaufman for the OCRemix tribute album Balance & Ruin.

Support, Orchestration, & Sound Design

  • Sky: Children of the Light (2019)
     Additional Orchetrations & Music Proofing
  • Cuentas de mi Abuelita (2009-2010)
    Grupo Califas
     Audio Mixing & Mastering
    Mixed audio stems for a Latin music ensemble's debut album; assisted in mastering the project for final release.
  • Wheel of Fortune Mobile (2009-2010)
    Multiple Mobile Platforms
    Sony Pictures/Javaground Ltd
     MIDI Sequencing & Transcription
    Post-production transcription for additional platform ports; creating MIDI files from audio sources on several tracks and sound effects.
  • James Bond: Top Agent (2009-2010)
    Various Mobile
    Sony Pictures/Javaground Ltd
     Sound Designer
    Unique sound effects for a mobile fighting game set in the James Bond universe.
  • 2012: Apocalypse (2009)
    Sony Pictures/Javaground Ltd
    Sound Designer
    Designed unique sound effects and soundscapes - including innovative 'weather loops,' sweeteners, and collapsing fx - for the tie-in mobile game based on the hit movie 2012.
  • The Bolero Project & Más (2008-2009)
    Francisco Castillo
     Producer, Arranger, & String Sequencing
    Member of the production team for a project featuring contemporary arrangements of classic Latin Boleros & pop songs for Oboe. More than 100 hours of in-studio production and recording work, arrangements of classics Aquellos Ojos Verdes and El Vendedor, and post-production string sequencing. 

DJ, MC, & Live Sound

  • Tune in Tokyo (2009-Present)
     DJ/VJ & MC
    Member of the Tune in Tokyo DJ collective, which specializes in showcasing Asian pop music. 


  • 50 Shades of Domestic Grey 
    (Video short, SMBC Theater, 2013)
    Original track for parody video from comedy troupe SMBC. 

  • Losing Lola
    (Short Film: Rhianne Paz, 2012)
    Composed for a short film by Rhianne Paz, screened at the 2012 Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival.
  • SMBC - The Legend of Zelda (Parody)
    (Video short, SMBC Theater, 2011)
    Parody/homage score for a comedy sketch based on the aesthetic of the classic Legend of Zelda franchise.
    (Band:  2009-2010) 
    Synths, Producer, & Songwriter
    Collaborator in an electronic music project that performed at various events and clubs in Los Angeles (including a special stage at the Nokia Plaza during Anime Expo 2010). Fused styles of neo-shibuya-kei, experimental electronica, and dance.