• Tenchi Souzou ~Hajimari no Nanokakan~
    (AIKO OI, 2018)
     Marimba / Vocals
    International collaboration; Marimba & Vocals for debut solo album of Japanese composer AIKO OI.

  • Small Window
    (Mint Potion Productions, 2016)
    Host & Presenter / Vocals
    Regular contributor to the weekly Small Window Twitch stream on Thursdays & host of recurring cooking segments Hot Doggin' & Treble Chef. Composed original song We Are Jake's Grill on-air and provided vocals on livestream for Come Connect, Fallin' Far Away, & Start Dancin', Stop Talkin' for the studio's Small Window Launch EP.
  • Dodge Club Party & Dodge Club Pocket
    (Nintendo Wii U (Party) & iOS (Pocket), James Montagna, 2016)
    Unique chiptune score for minimalist game by director James Montagna, with "HD" versions of several tracks serving as menu music for the mobile companion app.
  • Disney's Descendants
    (iOS, Disney & WayForward Technologies, 2015)
    Full score for mobile game based on Disney Channel's original Descendants movie.
  • When We Dream
    (Attack the Music / 千Π, 2015)
    Vocalist on original track When We Dream from producer 千Π, featured on Attack the Music's 2015 compilation Frequency Blitz 3.
  • Wonder Momo: Typhoon Booster
    (Video Game, NAMCO/BANDAI GAMES & WayForward Technologies, 2014)
    Vocals & Lyrics, Additional Composition
    Wrote original Japanese language lyrics and performed on Tatakae! ☆ Mecha Meccha Tirano! and SEXY Shinkseisen tracks for the Wonder Momo video game; soundtrack also featured game-only remixes of my themes composed for the series.

  • Wonder Momo
    (Anime, BANDAI NAMCO GAMES, 2014)▲ Composer (TV Ending Themes)
    Composed two ending themes, "Picogram" and "Colors," for the Bandai Namco anime series Wonder Momo.

  • Matchblox
    (Mobile game, AEUS Technologies, 2014)
    ▲ Composer
    Original theme for a light mobile game from Philippine startup AEUS Technologies.

  • The Impresario
    (Jake "virt" Kaufman for OCRemix, 2013)
    Provided vocals for an epic rock arrangement of Final Fantasy 6's opera scene, arranged & produced by Jake Kaufman for the OCRemix tribute album Balance & Ruin.

  • Bravoman
    (Animated series, NAMCO/BANDAI GAMES/ShiftyLook, 2013-2014)
     Composer & Audio Director
    Original composition/score, sound effects, and final mix for ShiftyLook's flagship animated series, spanning 12 episodes.

  • Bravoman: Binja Bash
    (Mobile game, NAMCO/BANDAI GAMES/ShiftyLook, 2013)
    Original composition/score for mobile game based on ShiftyLook's flagship franchise.

  • 50 Shades of Domestic Grey 
    (Video short, SMBC Theater, 2013)
    Original track for parody video from comedy troupe SMBC. 

  • Adventure Time: Hey Ice King! Why'd You Steal Our Garbage?!! 
    (Nintendo 3DS/DS, WayForward, 2012) 
    Vocals, Beatboxing, & Collaborative Composition
    Vocalist on title and ending themes; also collaborated with the venerable Jake Kaufman on several background tracks.
  • Pop Pop Battle J
    (Installation Game: ULTRANIMBUS, 2012)
    Composer & Audio Director
    Composer and Audio Lead for social installation game with the ULTRANIMBUS creative collective
  • Losing Lola
    (Short Film: Rhianne Paz, 2012)
    Composed for a short film by Rhianne Paz, screened at the 2012 Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival.
  • Cats on Mars
    (Band: 2011-Present) 
    Composer/Songwriter, Lead Singer, & Producer
    Lead singer, songwriter, and founder of a local Los Angeles-area band, creating and performing indie electronica, chiptune, and space-rock.
  • SMBC - The Legend of Zelda (Parody)
    (Video short, SMBC Theater, 2011)
    Parody/homage score for a comedy sketch based on the aesthetic of the classic Legend of Zelda franchise.
  • Clyde vs the Maze
    (iOS Game: Team Clyde, 2011) 
    Original, all-chiptune score of more than 20 tracks for a retro maze adventure, available on iPhone and iPad devices.
    (Band:  2009-2010) 
    Synths, Producer, & Songwriter
    Collaborator in an electronic music project that performed at various events and clubs in Los Angeles (including at the Nokia Theater during Anime Expo 2010). Fused styles of neo-shibuya-kei, experimental electronica, and dance.
  • Cuentas de mi Abuelita
    (Album: Grupo Califas, 2009-2010) 
     Audio Mixing & Mastering
    Mixed audio stems for a Latin music ensemble's debut album; assisted in mastering the project for final release.
  • The Inferno
    (iOS/Android Game: Xpressed/Javaground Ltd, 2009) 
     Composer & Sound Designer
    Composed tracks to 5 unique level types plus menu music and contributed sfx for an original iPhone game based on Dante's 
    The Inferno.
  • Wheel of Fortune
    (Mobile Game: Sony/Javaground Ltd, 2009-2010)
     MIDI Sequencing & Transcription
    Post-production transcription; creating MIDI files from audio sources on several tracks and sound effects.
  • James Bond: Top Agent 
    (Mobile Game: Sony/Javaground Ltd, 2009-2010) 
     Sound Designer
    Designed unique sound effects for a mobile fighting game set in the James Bond universe.
  • 2012: Apocalypse
    (iOS Game: Sony/Javaground Ltd, 2009) 
    Sound Designer
    Designed unique sound effects and soundscapes - including innovative 'weather loops,' sweeteners, and collapsing fx - for the mobile game based on the hit movie 2012.
  • Zombieland
    (iOS Game: Sony/Javaground Ltd, 2009) 
     Composer & Sound Designer
    Composed menu and level music and produced the entire cache of sound effects for the mobile game based on the hit movie Zombieland. Released on multiple mobile gaming platforms including the iPhone.
  • The Bolero Project & Más
    (Album: Francisco Castillo, 2008-2009) 
     Producer, Arranger, & String Sequencing
    Member of the production team for a project featuring contemporary arrangements of classic Latin Boleros & pop songs for Oboe. More than 100 hours of in-studio production and recording work, arrangements of classics Aquellos Ojos Verdes and El Vendedor, and post-production string sequencing.