♫ I am a composer, producer, arranger, singer, marimbist, & sound designer specializing in video games, animation, & pop music. You may have heard my work on Vitamin Connection, Mao Mao, Heroes of Pure Heart, or OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes, among many other projects.My purpose is to create deep, resonant, and lasting musical experiences for everyone.


Tommy Pedrini is a genre-bending composer, producer, vocalist, & marimbist who specializes in music for video games, animation, and cross-collaborations with Japanese musicians and music.Tommy is most known for his work as a part of the Command Creative Studios (formerly Mint Potion) core team, where he worked as a principal composer on the critically-acclaimed score to WayForward's Vitamin Connection, as well as on the music teams for Cartoon Network's OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes and Mao Mao, Heroes of Pure Heart. Some of his notable clients include WayForward Technologies, Netflix Japan, thatgamecompany, and Bandai Namco Games.Tommy has a Bachelors of Music in Film Scoring and a Masters of Music in Music Production from Berklee College of Music. While at Berklee, he studied marimba with Nancy Zeltsman who inspired a lifelong love of the instrument, and frequently incorporates it into his projects as a result. Tommy plays and records on a five-octave Marimba One marimba.When not working, Tommy enjoys making music with his partner milkyPRiSM & his band Cats on Mars, running musical events with the Karaoke Kaizokudan, and hosting/DJing J-pop & City Pop events as part of the Tune in Tokyo crew.


Full Credits

TitleArtist or StudioPublisher or NetworkYear(s)Role(s)
Chiki's Chasedvdfudvdfu2022Marimba📱
Fool's Gold: Into the Bellowing WildsCommand Creative StudiosHit Point Press2022Composer/Producer, Vocals, Marimba🎲
HumblewoodCommand Creative StudiosHit Point Press2022Composer/Producer, Marimba🎲
地球外少年少女 / The Orbital Children ・ Main Theme "Oarana"春猿日 (harusaruhi) / Vincent DiamanteAvex Pictures / Netflix2022Music Production, Score Prep, Marimba📺
Heckna!Command Creative StudiosHit Point Press2021Composer/Producer, Marimba, Vocals, Mastering🎲
Vitamin ConnectionWayForward TechnologiesLimited Run Games / WayForward Technologies2020Lead Composer, Producer, Lyrics, Vocals, Marimba, & Writer (Script)🎮 (Switch); 🎊 "Music of the Year," Nintendo Force
Mao Mao, Heroes of Pure HeartTitmouse AnimationCartoon Network2019–2020Composer, Background Vocals, Marimba📺
OK K.O.! Let's Be HeroesCartoon NetworkCartoon Network2019Composer (Season 3), Background Vocals, Marimba📺
Sky: Children of the Lightthatgamecompanythatgamecompany2019, 2021Production & Score Prep; Mastering Assistant (OSTs 2+3)📱
「ヒト」 ("Hito") ・ 天地創造 〜始まりの七日間〜 (Tenchi Souzou ~Hajimari no Nanokakan~)Aiko OiAiko Oi2018Vocals & Marimba💿
Dodge Club PocketJames MontagnaULTRANIMBUS2017Composer & Producer📱
Dodge Club PartyJames MontagnaULTRANIMBUS2016Composer🎮 (Wii U)
Small WindowMint Potion ProductionsMint Potion Productions2016Additional Composition, Vocals, Streaming Presenter🖥
Descendants (Mobile)WayForward TechnologiesDisney Channel2015Composer & Producer📱
"When We Dream" ・ Frequency Blitz 3千ΠAttack the Music2015Vocals💿
Wonder Momo: Typhoon BoosterWayForward TechnologiesBandai Namco Games2014Vocals, Additional Composition🎮
Wonder Momo (Anime)ShiftyLook / GraphinicaBandai Namco Games2014Composer (EDs "Colors" & "Picogram")📺
YSTKULTRANIMBUSULTRANIMBUS2014Producer, Arranger, & Vocalist💿
MatchbloxAEUS TechnologiesAEUS Technologies2014Composer📱
Bravoman: Binja BashShiftyLook / Hiptic EntertainmentBandai Namco Games2014Composer📱
BravomanShiftyLook / Copernicus StudiosBandai Namco Games2013–2014Composer, Sound Designer, Engineer (Final Dub, Mix, & Master)📺
"The Impresario" ・ Balance & RuinJake "virt" KaufmanOverClocked Remix2013Vocalist💿
50 Shades of Domestic Grey (Short)SMBC TheaterSMBC Theater2013Composer🖥
Adventure Time: Hey, Ice King! Why'd You Steal Our Garbage?!!WayForward TechnologiesCartoon Network2012Vocals, Additional Composition🎮 (3DS/DS)
Pop Pop Battle JULTRANIMBUSULTRANIMBUS2012Audio Director, Composer, Sound Designer, & Game Producer🎮
Losing LolaRhianne PazRhianne Paz2012Composer🎞🎊 Official selection, 2012 Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival
Clyde vs the MazeTeam ClydeTeam Clyde2011Audio Director / Composer📱
The Legend of Zelda (Parody)SMBC TheaterSMBC Theater2011Composer🖥
Cuentas de mi AbuelitaGrupo CalifasGrupo Califas2010Mixing & Mastering💿
The InfernoJavaground LtdxPressed2009Composer & Sound Designer📱
Wheel of Fortune (Mobile)Javaground LtdSony Pictures Entertainment2009Sound Designer📱
James Bond: Top AgentJavaground LtdSony Pictures Entertainment2009Sound Designer📱
The Bolero ProjectFrancisco CastilloBOC Records2009Producer💿
2012: Apocalypse (Mobile)Javaground LtdSony Pictures Entertainment2008Sound Designer📱
Zombieland (Mobile)Javaground LtdSony Pictures Entertainment2008Sound Designer📱


RPG Selections




Kimi ga Ireba by milkyPRiSM

(Kimi ga Ireba)


Single / B-SideVocals
Released December 28, 2021

Watashi no Melody by milkyPRiSM

(Watashi no Melody)


SingleAdditional Composition & Production
Released November 25, 2021

Iroha ~Kimi no Saku Haru~ by milkyPRiSM

イロハ 〜君ノ咲ク春〜
(Iroha ~Kimi no Saku Haru~)


SingleComposition & Production
Released September 20, 2021

Ano Koto. by milkyPRiSM

(Ano koto.)


Released May 7, 2021

Night Drive by milkyPRiSM

Night Drive


SingleComposition & Production
Released February 3, 2021

Where's the Revolution by Cats on Mars

Where's the Revolution

Cats on Mars

Maxi-SingleComposition & Production
Released October 31, 2020

Kokorone. by milkyPRiSM



EPCo-Composition & Co-Production
with Chiyoko Yamasato (milkyPRiSM)
Released September 27, 2020

Night Drive by milkyPRiSM

Harajuku Iyahoi

milkyPRiSM (as chiyoco)

Single (Cover)Arrangement & Production
Released September 11, 2020

Yamanai Oto / UNSTOPPABLE by milkyPRiSM

(Yamanai Oto / UNSTOPPABLE)

milkyPRiSM (as chiyoco)

Single / B-SideCo-Composition & Co-Production
with Chiyoko Yamasato (milkyPRiSM)
Released June 30, 2020

Vitamin Selection

Vitamin Selection
Vitamin Connection OST, Vol. 1

Mint Potion

Composer, Producer, Vocals, & Marimbawith Maddie Lim, Chiyoko Yamasato, Robbie Altschuler, Julian "zorsy" Sanchez, & Jake KaufmanReleased May 1, 2020

Nutritious Beats for Healing & Relaxing

Nutritious Beats for Healing & Relaxing
Vitamin Connection OST, Vol. 2

Mint Potion

Composer, Producer, Vocals, & Marimbawith Maddie Lim, Chiyoko Yamasato, Robbie Altschuler, Julian "zorsy" Sanchez, FLOOR BABA, & Jake KaufmanReleased May 1, 2020

Always There to Protect You

Always There to Protect You
Vitamin Connection OST, Vol. 3

Mint Potion

Composer, Producer, Vocals, & Marimbawith Maddie Lim, Chiyoko Yamasato, Robbie Altschuler, Aiko Oi, & Jake KaufmanReleased May 1, 2020


Vitamin Connection OST, Vol. 4

Mint Potion

Composer, Producer, Vocals, & Marimbawith Maddie Lim, Chiyoko Yamasato, Robbie Altschuler, Julian "zorsy" Sanchez, & Jake KaufmanReleased May 1, 2020

Sounds of Pop Pop City: Pop Pop Battle J Apropos-of-Nothing 6¼th Anniversary Commemorative Original Soundtrack (Cardboard Jubilee Edition)

Sounds of Pop Pop City

Pop Pop battle J Apropos-of-Nothing 6¼th Anniversary Commemorative Original Soundtrack
(Cardboard Jubilee Edition)

Composer & ProducerReleased June 14, 2018

Iroha by Cats on Mars


Cats on Mars

Songwriter, Producer, & VocalistReleased April 30, 2018

Bombay Beach by Cats on Mars

Bombay Beach

Cats on Mars

Songwriter, Vocals, & MarimbaReleased September 29, 2017 @ 6:29 PM

Dodge Club Party Original Soundtrack

Dodge Club Party

Original Soundtrack

Composer & ProducerReleased April 15, 2016

Wonder Momo Original Soundtrack

Wonder Momo

Original Soundtrack

Track 4 (ED), "Picogram"
Released May 28, 2014

Matchblox Soundtrack


Original Soundtrack (Single)

Composer & ProducerReleased April 3, 2014

Dodge Club Party Original Soundtrack

Ballads of Clyde & the Maze

Original Soundtrack

Composer & ProducerReleased October 17, 2011

Appears On

Tenchi Souzou ~Hajimari no Nanokakan~

天地創造 〜始まりの七日間〜
Tenchi Souzou ~Hajimari no Nanokakan~

Aiko Oi

Marimba & Vocals
Track 6, 「ヒト」("Hito")
Released August 5, 2018

Frequency Blitz 3

Frequency Blitz 3
"When We Dream"

千π / Attack the Music

(Track 4, "When We Dream")
Released May 15, 2015




Producer, Arranger, & VocalsReleased February 1, 2014

The Impresario, from Balance & Ruin

Balance & Ruin

OverClocked Remix

Track 32 "The Impresario"
OCRemix #2699 (nice)
Released July 2, 2013

The Bolero Project by Francisco Castillo

The Bolero Project

Francisco Castillo

Producer & ArrangerReleased October 20, 2009



ロサンゼルス在住。バークリー音楽大学でフィルム・スコアリングの音楽学士号、また音楽プロダクションの音楽修士号を持つ。主な専門分野はゲーム・アニメーションの作曲であるが、日本の音楽や音楽家との架け橋になりたいという野心を持っており、様々なジャンルでの作曲、プロダクション、ボーカルを手がけている。フリーランサーではあるもののコラボレーションを好み、最近ではJpopアーティストのmilkyPRiSMとのコラボなどがある。これまでのパートナーシップ・クライアントはメイン・コンポーザーを務めた『ビタミンコネクション』などでのWayForward Technologies(ウェイフォワード・テクノロジーズ)、『OK K.O.! めざせヒーロー』、『マオマオ ピュアハートのヒーロー』でのCartoon Network (カートゥーン ネットワーク)、その他にmaddie vision、 thatgamecompany、 Bandai Namco Games (バンダイナムコゲームス)などがある。